Sugar Scrub 8oz

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Our Sugar Scrub promotes a radiant,polished glow for your face and body. Sugar Scrub is  great for exfoliating by removing the layers of dead skin to brighten and promotes a glowing radiant skin. The extra beauty and benefit of the scrub is how soft and smooth it makes your skin feel.


 COCO AMOR: A magnificent scent that is an enticing combination of floral notes such honeysuckle orange rose, bergamot, neroli and vanilla make this scent a sensual and luxurious scent

NISHA MORI:  Bold and sexy without being over done. This romantic French floral is ultra feminine and playfully provocative. Combination of Water Lily, Jasmine Petals, Rose, and Strawberry

VICARIOUS:This ultra-feminine floral blend is soft and powdery with lingering notes of jasmine and wild honeysuckle inspired with a flirty blend of Apple Blossom, Honeydew and Ylang Ylang is inherently  and sure to linger in the minds of those close enough to get a whiff!


AU NATURAL- Natural, No Scent, No Color- If you have sensitive  skin, allergies to scents, the benefit of the products with no side effects. Enjoy